New music: CL & Minzy - Please don't go

New music: CL & Minzy - Please don't go
And now the 2NE1 ladies finally come full circle with their solo projects! With Dara heading out on her own first, with Bom following closely behind, Cl and Minzy kill 2 birds with one swaggered out stone by doing a song together.

Listen: Please don't go

Please don't go (Digital single)
© 2009 YG entertainment

I usually can't stand songs like these, but I'm digging this! It has a very funky Black eyed peas vibe about it. CL's swagger on the track is bananas. I love how she flows. And Minzy's singing voice is really nice and smooth. Hopefully YG will do the right thing and give this song a video. It'd be great to see CL and Minzy get down without Bom and Dara holding them back. Yes I said it. Holding them back. I've got nothing against Dara and Bom, but they are not on a level with CL and Minzy when it comes to stage presence and swagger.


  1. OH GOD I LOVE IT!!!!!

  2. Addicted to this. Kinda want to hear Minzy sing more on this, but CL's rap is really fun.


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