New music: f(x) - Chu~♥

New music: f(x) - Chu~♥
Slave Master entertainment is wasting NO time with the f(x) girls. 2 digital singles and a 3 track single album on the way. The whip has well and truly been cracked on these girls.

Listen: Chu~♥

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Rubbish. From "Chocolate love" to this!? I hope the other 2 singles on the Chu~♥ release are better, because "Chu~♥" is crap. I look forward to seeing the music video. Because the girls managed to really pull something decent out of the back for "Chocolate love" and look incredibly polished and tight together on screen. I just hope the girls don't wear the shit they're wearing in the promotional shot for the single. They can't go from looking sexy, to looking like Halloween hood rat bitches on a street corner in the space of a song.


  1. Augh, "Mr. Boogie" would have been a better choice.
    I've heard one of the tracks from the 3 track single, and it's kind of... eh.


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