New music: Jennifer Lopez - Louboutins

New music: Jennifer Lopez - Louboutins
Jennifer Lopez's brand new single "Louboutins" (for the dudes who don't know - it's a designer shoe) has leaked just a mere couple of days before her premiere performance of the song at this years' American music awards.

Listen: Louboutins

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Well that plain sucked! The song is absolute shit. I'm glad Jennifer Lopez is back on the uptempo club jams, because I was not feeling that Spanish shit she did or how she tried to switch up her sound for her Brave album. But this song is whack. The chorus is so bloody annoying and overly repetitive. Tricky Stewart and The Dream flopped with this one, and so did J.Lo. Brandy actually recorded this song first, so I'm keen to hear her version. Brandy's vocal arrangements would most certainly help break up the monotony of the song. And then there's that Brandy tone that usually always manages to set songs off. Even on a bad day, Brandy would not sound worse than J.Lo.

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  1. Good lord, I had to stop that half way through when she kept saying the same line over and over and over and get the point. The beat and bounce of the song was also annoying.

    The best thing about this post is the picture. That ass is ridiculous!!!

  2. When I saw the download link online, I was hoping for a "Single Ladies" or SOMETHING. Even the songs Tricky and The-Dream did for Lionel Richie had WAY more fire than this. Maybe it's her voice... not as powerful as Beyonce's. If this is supposed to be an anthem, give it to someone who can lace it and sell it.

    But, I can see this catching on with people. I don't remember being fanatical about Single Ladies the first time I heard it. When she started her TV talk show campaign this time last year is when I got HOOKED on it.


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