New music: Lady Gaga featuring Beyoncé - Telephone

New music: Lady Gaga featuring Beyoncé - Telephone
Rodney Jerkins and Lady Gaga had worked on some songs for Britney's Circus album, and "Telephone" was one of them. A good few of us know that Circus featured no such song when it released. So as not to let it go to waste, Lady Gaga recorded it herself and brought Beyoncé along. I'm glad. Britney would not have brought it how Lady Gaga did.

Listen: Telephone

The fame monster
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Rodney Jerkins hooked Lady Gaga up!! Rodney's production on "Telephone" is on a level with the hot shit RedOne and Rob Fusari gave Lady Gaga for The fame. The only thing I didn't like about the song was Beyoncé's inclusion. She added nothing to the song, and the beat switch during her verse threw the bounce of the song off and felt unnecessary. Other than that, "Telephone" is a jam. Much better than "Bad romance" and that "Alejandro" bullshit.


  1. Song is hot! And I actually like the beat switch with Beyonce. She brangs some attitude to the song, lol.

  2. I like Beyonce's part as well. I feel like the track could have been monotonous without her inclusion.

    As for the other songs, you've got it all wrong, J! Bad Romance is the shit! That shit knocks so hard, and it's a great, catchy pop song. Alejandro is like Eh, Eh and LoveGame on a coffee date. I think it's the best of the four that we've heard so far.


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