New music: Leona Lewis - Outta my head

Leona Lewis - Outta my head
Ever since I heard previews of Echo I sitting by waiting to hear "Outta my head" in full like a feen. And now I've been put out of my misery. The wait was worth it. I'm so in love with this song.

Listen: Outta my head

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This song is a complete shock. But the best kind. I've never liked a Leona joint this much before. I can't even give a rough number of just how many times I've played it today. Unfortunately the album version doesn't feature the breakdown section that was in Leona's live performance of the song at the Hackney empire, which is a shame. Because the beat being stripped away for a good while just highlighted the hotness of it when it finally came back. Plus, it made the song longer - which means mo' hotness to step to.

I can understand why "Happy" was chosen as the lead single off of Echo. A Ryan Tedder production. Twice the charm. Riding on the success of not only "Bleeding love" but other popular productions of Ryan's such as "Halo". But "Outta my head" would have been a better choice. Hopefully it will go as a single at some point, because it has so much potential. The song would cut across pop and dance radio station with ease, clubs would play it, and Leona's gay fan base get a Leona jam they can actually get buck wild to.

Max Martin is a beast right now with his productions. I've liked bear enough everything the dude has been putting out since Kelly Clarkson's "Since U been gone".


  1. Damn, looks like you already had the hotness before I emailed you, lol!

    Yeah, I like the live performance better because of the sick breakdown, but this song is really cool though. And that's a HOT picture of Leona!


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