New music: Namie Amuro - Copy that & My love

New music: Namie Amuro - Copy that & My love
I wanted to post "My love" so badly when the radio rip hit the web a few weeks back, but the quality was so ragged and did the song zero justice. And I was jonesing for "Copy that" so badly. So I'm as happy as a pig in some stanky mud that both songs are now available in high quality!

Listen: Copy that

Listen: My love

Past ‹ Future
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Both songs are hot to death. Just like we knew they would be after being teased with them in the Vidal Sassoon TV commercials. "My love" is on that smooth R&B tip. And "Copy that" is bananas! It's on that funked up retro pop vibe that "Wowa" was on, only cranked up to the 12th power. I love the shit out of it! The hook is absolute crack, the production insane, the mixing is tight and the vocal production is on point. I did not see the beat switch coming at ALL! This shit goes from super 60's retro pop to some dark club shit that sneaks in a snare pattern straight outta Beyoncé's "Diva". It shouldn't work at all, but it does.

I'm not sure who produced the songs. But I have a feeling "My love" might have Nao'ymt on production duties, with Giant swing and Michico handling Namie's business on "Copy that". These are just hunches based on their sounds. It could just as easily be the other way around or that one or the other produced both songs. Whoever produced them: they're the shit for hooking Namie up. Roll on December 16!

A couple of Past ‹ Future's cuts... Dr & Wild


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