New music: Nicole Scherzinger - Zoo

New music: Nicole Scherzinger - Zoo
Within the literal shit Nicole has gone recorded, lie a couple of gems amongst the peanuts and sweetcorn kernels. "Steam", "Physical", "I M.I.S.S U" and now "Zoo"...

Listen: Zoo

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I think I'm in love. This is BANGIN'! The drums set it off right. It makes "Physical" sound like some second rate garbage, and I love that song. "Zoo" is on that classic Timbo tip, which is confirmation the n***a still has it in him. I actually thought it might have been The Neptunes at first; between the way the track starts with their signature stop 'n start, and the drums have a Neptunes-esque sound about them. But then I heard the chorus and there was no questionning it was Timbo. The synths on the chorus and the backing vocals have been lifted straight outta Timbo and James Fauntleroy's "Back together" - a song I still play from time to time, and am pissed won't feature on Shock value II. It's also a shame "Zoo" won't feature on it too. Because ain't no way an album gonna drop from Nicole, no matter how much she tries to make like one will.

"Zoo" is up there with "Physical", "I M.I.S.S U" and "Steam" in the collection of Nicole joints that don't suck a long fat one. I'd love to know who wrote it. The first verse screams The Clutch to me. I'd also like to know what this album was recorded for. An old recording from Her name is Nicole? Maybe a new recording for Her name is Nicole? Or a left off cut from Doll domination perhaps?


  1. SO. HOT.

    Nicole and the song, I mean.

  2. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. I'd f**k her. While playing "Zoo" as we get it on like animals.


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