Mika hugs my future wife. J feels rage.

I did not approve of Hikaru hugging another man that wasn't me or her Father. But I'll turn a blind eye to it if she writes a song in dedication to me for her next Japanese studio album. Plus, Mika would probably rather kick it with a Johnny boy anyway. So it's all good!

Hikaru's been laying so low lately that I had no idea what the hell she was doing with herself image wise. Looks like she's been letting her hair grow out. Hikaru looks nice no matter what length she has her hair - because she has that shape face that can pull off any length. Plus, it helps that she's just naturally pretty. But I prefer my Hikaru-chan with short hair. She just looks so much more seductive, assertive and confident with short hair. Longer hair makes her look so different in the face because it downplays her facial features and how sexy her eyes are. I'll take my Hikaru any which way. I'm not fussy when it comes to her.


  1. Who the hell is this guy anyway? Sorry if I'm supposed to know him ^_^

  2. I like the way you comment on her hair and choice of men to hug yet don't comment on the performance! Lol.

  3. "I did not approve of Hikaru hugging another man that wasn't me or her Father" Then you must HATE her boyfriend O.O

  4. you're crazy lol she needs to grow her hair back out, hopefully she'll do that during this hiatus.


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