New music: Leona Lewis - I see you

New music: Leona Lewis - I see you
Leona's not long released her follow up to her debut album, and already she's managed to snag two big film and video game gigs. First Square Enix hollered at her to sing the theme to their forthcoming RPG epic Final Fantasy XIII. And then James Horner got at Leona to sing the theme to James Cameron's Avatar motion picture!

Listen: I see you

Avatar: Music from the motion picture
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I wouldn't bump this song, or play it with any form of regularity. But this is a really nice song. This song would have made a better Final Fantasy XIII theme than that "My hands" crap. Avatar got lucky. Seriously lucky.

Pimp Cowell must be pleased that his number 1 girl is raking in some big deals and some money. Alexandra Burke best start applying for jobs at at this rate.


  1. She sang this live on "So you think you can dance" and it's the worst I've ever heard her sound live! I think the place was having sound problems though, because everybody was ripping out their ear pieces.

    Adam killed "Whataya Want From Me" though.


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