New music: Rhona Bennett featuring Brandy - First lady

New music: Rhona Bennett featuring Brandy - First lady
R&B singer and former EnVoguer Rhona Bennett is out to make another attempt at solo stardom. Rhona strides in with Rodney Jerkins and Brandy in tow for her debut single, which is all about female empowerment. And the song manages to get that message across without so much of a mentioned of a Bentley Coups, n***a's with money or man hating. A real classy single. If a little boring.

Listen: First lady

The anticipation of R&B
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Brandy's part was the only thing about this song I really, really liked - because she threw down the ad-lib and vocal arrangement gauntlet in such a fashion. And I can never get enough of Brandy's tone. With that said, I do wonder why she was put on the song in the first place. She just comes and then goes.

I didn't think Rhona would have worked with Rodney Jerkins again after he went and signed her, produced an album for her, and then left her and her career by a skip like a broken garden chair. I loved her debut single "Satisfied" And play "The best of me" from time-to-time in the hopes that Rodney will throw it back to his classic Darkchild sound just ONCE.

I don't think Rhona will blow up big. But if her music is good, I'll check for it. It's nice to have another female in the game who can actually sing. Rhona's voice reminds me of Whitney's at times. So that's certainly an angle. Because Whitney can't do how Whitney did any more.

You can check out a cool interview of Rhona's here. She comes across as a really cool, down to earth person. Rhona has some credentials for somebody who isn't on some big, mass, well known scale.


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