Special edition: Ne-Yo - Listen

Ne-Yo - Listen
Ne-Yo put out an albums worth of material right after he released his third studio album Year of the gentleman. Either a bad move or a good one. Bad: because a bulk of the unreleased songs shit on those that made his third studio album. Good: because it means more good songs for fans to listen to. I decided to knock up a special edition containing Ne-Yo's unreleased songs and have titled it Listen. It features a great collection of songs which Ne-Yo was crazy to leave off of his album, not snag for himself and was too fast enough to record after his album had released. A fair few of the songs are demo's, some of which are female specific. So this is why Ne-Yo is singing form the perspective of a woman on a couple of the songs. No scandals about Ne-Yo coming out of the closet through his unreleased music I'm afraid!

Be sure to give this a listen. I actually think this is better than his last 2 albums. It channels more of the Ne-Yo I liked and went crazy for when he dropped his amazing debut In my own words. If Ne-Yo had put some of these unreleased songs amongst the best of those from Year of the gentleman, he could've had one of the hottest R&B albums of 2008.


  1. Definitely appreciate the bunch of joints, but you are definitely missing the awesome track that is 'If You Want Me To Stay'. I don't know why it was left of YOTG, but it's a great track.

  2. Wow, this compilation was filled with ballads! Didn't expect that, but definitely worth listening to. Ne-Yo's so versatile.

    I've heard all these songs, but never would have imagined putting them together like this. Nice job, J!

  3. It's kinda missing something, like Somebody Else, but also, some of the songs are meant for women, so even if he's singing it, it still sounds weird.


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