Bonus material: Madonna - Across the sky

Bonus material: Madonna - Across the sky
A new Madonna song has surfaced which has Timbaland on production duties (and I'm guessing either Danja or Hannon Lane). It's more than likely that this song was recorded for Hard candy and was left off. And with it featuring Justin Timberlake, it's safe to also assume he wrote the song. For those who liked "Miles away", be sure to check this out, as it's similar to it.

Listen: Across the sky

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Why was this left off!? The song is bananas. I would have much preferred this over that bullshit "Devil wouldn't recognize you" and "Dance 2 nite". The beat is absolute fire. It has a very similar vibe to the amazing "Miles away", only with much harder drums. Team Timbo did not joke around with this beat. It sounds like his old shit, which never used to fail. It's just a shame Madonna's controlled dead pan vocal delivery and her same ol', same ol' lyrics stagnate the song. Justin being able to take full reigns with the song writing and a female with a much better vocal would have made this song something real special. The first name that came to mind for me was Kiley Dean. This easily could have been a cut on Simple girl or Changes.

I've been very vocal in my opinions on which producer on Hard candy came out on top. And I still think Pharrell produced Team Timbo under neath a freight train. He actually got Madonna sounding fun again, and the beats he gave her were hot from top to bottom. "Heartbeat" was hot to death, and it burns me it wasn't released as a single. "Incredible" is just a jam. And the leaked version of "The beat goes on" always gets me steppin'. "Across the sky" has me intrigued as to what Team Timbo cuts got left off of the album though. Because if beats this hot got left off of Hard candy...

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  1. I really like this song its awsome :P let's hope that on the next album Madonna goes back to being a style setter and not a follower :P
    It seems like shes so desperate to remain young and relevant that she's too scared to try anything new or riskey anymore . . .


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