New music: 2PM featuring Yoon Eun Hye - Tik tok

New music: 2PM featuring Yoon Eun Hye - Tik tok
Damn. Talk about nickel and diming! Not even 2 months after the release of their debut album, and already we've gotten 2 digital single releases which did not feature on it. First "Your color" and now "Tik tok". Which I am sad to say is not a Korean cover of Ke$ha's hit single. Shame that. I would have liked this shit if it were...

Listen: Tik tok

Tik tok (Digital single)
© 2009 JYP entertainment

"Tik tok" is garbage. It's forgettable tripe that could have been sung by any random Korean dude in his 20's off the street, and the music is sleep inducing. I give JYP props for at least giving 2PM their somewhat signature sound (which is the same as everybody else's). But the end result with this song just ended up like a really bad fusion of "Again and again" and "Heartbeat", with some of Daichi Miura's "Delete my memories" thrown in for good measure. Half the vocals on the song don't even sound like 2PM. For all of the fans out there who can't stand this song, just pray that the 2PM boys will drop a music video where Taecyeon flashes a 6-pack, Nichkhun looks directly into the camera with his sincere eyes and the remaining members flick their hair in slow motion like it's goin' down in a Herbal essences commercial.

If Dara's stint with Cass beer was anything to go by. Then the full length music video for 2PM's endeavour should be real hot.


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