New music: Beyoncé - Black culture

New music: Beyoncé - Black culture
In what is either a really surprising move, or one people thought would've happened much sooner: Beyoncé has sampled the king of pop. I needn't mention to you what Off the wall classic she went and sampled. Ya'll should know when you hear it. And if you don't? You need to get to know...

Listen: Black culture

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One one hand I want to rip off Beyoncé's lace front wig for lazily sampling a Michael Jackson classic. And on the other hand, I really like how she sounds on the song.

Beyoncé has a voice and swagger that can ride any beat in the solar system. And she's in her element when she's on a bit of throwback funk. But this song feels lazy to me. It sounds like it was recorded for fun, off the cuff. It probably was. So I'll go easy on it.

With some tighter vocal production, a re-haul of the horrendous chorus and Beyoncé working them MJ style notes she did on "Booylicious", this shit could actually be switched into something really hot.


  1. I hate the chorus. Everything else is cool though, even the sample.


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