New music: Daesung - Cotton candy

New music: Daesung - Cotton candy
Big Bang's Doraemon obsessed member with the biggest smile is next in line to drop a solo single. As his first digital single showed, Daesung is the member you can rely on to release a something that's a little unorthodox given Big Bang's target audience. With that said, I certainly wasn't expecting this...

Listen: Cotton candy

Cotton candy (Digital single)
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I'm not sure why Daesung's solo single sounds like a song sung by two guys in a tree from There's something about Mary, but this is real nice. Daesung's voice is one of my favourites in Big Bang. It's distinctive and has a really warm texture to it. His voice is what makes this work. I don't think any other member of Big Bang could have pulled this off as well.


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