New music: Girls' generation - Oh!

New music: Girls' generation - Oh!
Girls' generation is set to set Korea and the Internets ablaze once again with their lead single lifted from their second studio album of the same name: "Oh!". Just to prepare you and drop your expectations a little before hand: this song is no "Gee" or "Tell me your wish (Genie)". Okay! With that said, you may now proceed...

Listen: Oh!

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This song is not even close to the hotness of "Gee" or "Tell me your wish (Genie)". Both songs had that sweetness to them, but had hot R&B-ish beats with some serious bounce, and killer hooks to boot. "Oh!" just feels too sickly sweet and lacking. I really like the verses, but the chorus does nothing for me. Nothing! I know this song is going to annoy me once the SNSD-bots start performing it non-stop on every single flat surface on Korean TV. But it's already a hit, so who cares!


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