New music: Kelis - Scream & shout

New music: Kelis - Scream & shout
Kelly Rowland catches a hit with David Guetta. So fellow 'my ass got dropped and I'll take whatever I can get' artist Kelis has teamed up with him too. I thought "When love takes over" was whack, but this just scoffs the whole biscuit...

Listen: Scream & shout

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Can somebody tell me what this bullshit is? Does this even qualify as music!? I hate it. Kelis was an artist I always used to check for. I have her first 3 albums and they are all hot. Wanderland was the shit! Top to bottom hotness. Songs off of that album always find spots in my iPod playlists. Then Kelis was here released and she didn't even have a chance to fall off, because her label dropped her. Now she's on this David Guetta bandwagon!? "Scream & shout" will get people moving in the club, but I won't be one of them. I think the song sucks. I can't believe the same chick who gave us "Caught out there", "Good stuff", "Young, fresh 'n new" and "Milkshake" has been reduced to this. It may pay off for her if she wants a hit across Europe though. It certainly helped Kelly Rowland.

She needs to reach out to Pharrell Williams like yesterday. Suck a n***a's d**k for some beats woman! It's not like you're with Nas anymore.


  1. It sounds like Kelis picked up a random stranger on the street to make this beat with GarageBand.

    This shit is terrible! You questioning whether it's music is a valid question I think.

  2. I like it... A lot. Did you hear her new single 'Acapella', J? It was produced by Guetta to, but it's pretty different from this.

    Fleshtones is one of the albums that I'm absolutely excited for this year, day one purchase. She's changing her direction so much! I wouldn't say she's "taking" whatever she can get, seeing as Guetta reached out to her, and signed her in secrecy a while back. She's a huge talent, and people know it.

  3. Yeah, I heard "Acapella". I thought that was garbage too. I do not like David Guetta's music. Whenever I hear his shit in the club, I just put my back up against a wall. I swear, if I hear "Sexy bitch" one more time...

    Kelis has fallen OFF. Wanderland is a gem of an album. I used to play that album from start to finish every day during my commutes to college. "Young, fresh 'n new" is eternal fire. But now? She's in limbo. I respect her for going a different route. She always tends to with each album. But this new 'anybody' dance style ain't working for her. The songs aren't distinct enough. There's nothing about them that makes you think "Ooooo!! Who's this singing!?" Because that energy, that commanding quality, and 'I'm that bitch' swag she had to her before feels like it's gone now. She may as well be some miscellaneous studio sessions singer on these Guetta tracks. As much as I can't stand "When love takes over", and least Kelly stamped it and put enough into that song that you took some form of notice.

  4. I hear what you're saying about Guetta in general, because I find his own work intolerable. But I found both 'Acapella' and this great because of her distinctive lyrics and vocals. 'Acapella' was so sincere, but still clever about her child, and I thought Guetta took his usual production to another level. 'S&S' is typical Guetta, but it was so camp I couldn't help but bop around.

    I think that the other work on the album should be even more out there, seeing the list of collaborators. I was really excited for the album based on all of the indie producers and such, but seeing her in an interview made me more excited. She just seems like she knows what she's doing, and there's a confidence, an intelligence, and a nonchalant-ness about it all.

    I've loved every one of her albums, and maybe that's affecting my view of the new album, but so far, I'm digging the breathy vocals and ping-y synths. With the other producers, there's no way that she could cook up something that isn't distinct. In my mind at least...

    Here's that interview:


    Also; there are some Utada tickets that are going on sale on ebay starting from £5 - £200, feeling lucky?
    (ticket sales start further down).

  6. Nope! Not in the slightest. Not after what happened with my first set of tickets :(

  7. Aww sorry! My last line sounded insensitive - I didn't mean for it to be!

  8. Don't be silly. *lol* It wasn't insensitive at all! We're fellow Hikki fans, so I know it's all in good nature. :P You best just make sure you take enough pictures, vids and audio for the 2 of us. ;P

    I'm so pissed that they f**ked up with my ticket though. I read so many posts and accounts on blogs and message boards from people who also got sold unallocated tickets. Not nice! :|

  9. I'll certainly try to take photos/videos but according to forums for previous shows, the security has been so tight! I would live to record at least one song from This is the One or Simple and Clean - songs that aren't widely avaliable on DVDs and such. I recorded a song from a rock gig last summer and was very happily surprised with the quality, so I'd like to take away a good quality recording of our favourite J-pop star.

    I'd still say go for ebay - at the time of writing a ticket is going for £44 with 2 hours left to bid.


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