New music: Toni Braxton - Looking at me

New music: Toni Braxton - Looking at me
God knows when Toni Braxton's Pulse album is set to release. But yet, the songs continue to leak. Once again, Toni has teamed up with Rodney 'Darkchild' Jerkins for somethin' a little feel good. This dude never fails to give Toni the hotness. He ain't ever topping "He wasn't man enough" though...

Listen: Looking at me

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I seem to dig all the Toni tracks everybody hates. Nobody liked "Get loose". I loved it. Nobody likes "Lookin at me". I love it! It sounds like "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)" meets Janet's "LUV", with some Sean Kingston bullshit. But I really like it. The song does feel a little too elementary for Toni. An up-and-coming chick in her 20's would have been better suited. And vocally Toni doesn't own it; because none of the backing vocals are hers, yet they dominate the song. Plus, (yes, there's more...) I'm fully aware this song is throwaway. But in spite of all that, I still like it.


  1. I absolutely loved both "Looking at Me" and "Get Loose". It's what I hoped Toni's direction was going to be. Now that they've leaked, I'm disappointed.

  2. Ah! Glad I'm not the only one! :D

    I prefer "Get loose" to "Looking at me" though. Just because it's more upbeat and catchy. And I love Rodney's production on it.


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