New music: Usher - So many girls & Take that

New music: Usher - So many girls & Take that
So many songs have leaked from Usher's Raymond vs. Raymond sessions that I'm wondering if he'll have anything new for the album when it drops in its finalized entirety. Everything that has leaked so far has been really hit and miss. And the recent handful of leaks are no different...

Listen: So many girls

Listen: Take that

Raymond vs. Raymond
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"So many girls" is cringe worthy. Usher may get mad at me for this, but his vanilla rival Justin Timberlake would have ran circles around this song. Usher is on that Justin swag, and it doesn't really suit him. Definitley a song that Raymond vs. Raymond could do without.

"Take that" on the other hand: I love! I can't even hate on Ursh for the use of auto-tune, because he sounds great with it. "Take that" is summer single material. It's radio friendly 80's sound is different for Usher, but it really suits him. The only song he's done in the past I can partly compare to it is "Caught up"", and I know that's a stretch. I was playing this non stop in the car today. I really hope it makes the album and becomes a single. The song goes hard. So be sure to play it loud in the cars or at home.

I hope Raymond vs. Raymond serves up some lyrically variety though. Because I got tired of songs about monogamy on Here I stand, and alot of the songs from the Raymond vs. Raymond sessions have been about how much Usher wants to put it down on a chick and not much else.

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  1. Hey, have you heard "Little Freak" by him and Nicki Minaj? I think it's a little hotter than "So Many Girls".


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