Ayumi gets pimped by Honda and Panasonic, and brings 2 new songs with her.

The way in which Ayumi Hamasaki rolls out singles (Double A-sides at that!) You'd think there was no stop gap between Next level and her inevitable forthcoming album release. She's been dropping songs with serious consistency, with each one having some product and or drama tie in. Ayumi's double A-side "Microphone" and "Don't look back" both feature in Honda and Panasonic commercials respectively. And you can check them out below.

Ayumi's Honda Zest Spark commercial: featuring the song "Microphone"

Ayumi's Panasonic Lumix FX66/ZX3 commercial: featuring the song "Don't look back"

"Can't look back" sounds like some Shakira reject. But I am feelin' "Microphone". Full length music videos are due to be shot for both songs.

Ayumi Hamasaki will be embarking on a full blown tour this year. So it's highly likely she'll release a new album to coincide with it. With all of these double A-sides, a new album is pretty much a dead cert.


  1. wow she looks amazing in the panasonic add but i agree that "microphone" is the best song.


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