Bonus material: Amerie featuring 4 minute - Heard 'em all (Remix)

Bonus material: Amerie featuring 4 minute - Heard 'em all (Remix)
Korea's idol hopefuls hop on an Amerie joint once again. First we had Se7en with "Take control". Now 4 minute hop on "Heard 'em all". This song is credited as Amerie featuring 4 minute. Lord knows why, because 4 minute take over the whole song and relegate Amerie to a yodelling backing vocalist.

Listen: Heard 'em all (Remix)

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4 minute ride the beat nicely. But the whole mix feels so mish-mashed. If 4 minute were going to take the song over as much as they did, then they may as well have just sang over the beat without Amerie's vocals. I would have preferred it if they did.

I would love for Amerie to get fluent in Korean and try to garner herself a career over there. It'd help shake things up a bit and break some stereotypes. Most Korean idol acts be trying to act black anyway. So it'd be cool for a lady of Black and Korean ethnicity to swag on Music bank and Inkigayo's stages with equal genuine blackness and Koreanness. Taeyeon would probably have something to say about that, but f**k her.

The US wouldn't miss her. It's not like the music buying public care much about her albums given how poorly her last 2 efforts sold.


  1. I am SO confused about why Amerie isn't huge o_0
    She's HOT, has a great voice, every album is better than the last but still commercia success eludes her...
    The only thing I can really put it down to is her label, "in love and war" is an amazing album but i've seen no promotion for it at all! not even in the Uk whare she has a pretty loyal fanbase but who are probably unaware she has a new album out.
    I hope she moves to a label thats gonna treat her right and get her the recognition she deserves soon... oh and about the song (lol) its good but I prefere the original with just Amerie's vocals ^_^


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