Bonus material: Ayaka - Human nature

Bonus material: Ayaka - Human nature
Ayaka was the highlight for an MTV unplugged session. We all know how MTV Unplugged goes down? An artist drops live acoustic renditions of their hits, and talk to the audience a little. Surprisingly, Ayaka gave a performance of Michael Jackson's "Human nature"!

Listen: Human nature (Live @ MTV Unplugged)

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I love Crystal Kay. But I love Ayaka too. I can't decide which live rendition I prefer because they're both awesome in their own way. Crystal's version has got the soul and perfect English enunciation. But Ayaka's vocal clarity and cute Engrish make her version feel warm. I'll just leave it at being glad to have two great renditions of a classic song by two of Japan's most talented ladies in the J-music game.

Crystal's take... CK's rendition of "Human nature"
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  1. wow! i love Ayaka but i didnt think she had this in her! :P
    I think Crystal Kay's version was better but this is really beutiful and her pronounciation is so cute! she hits the high notes great too, shes a star.
    p.s please can you upload crystals version again somehow coz i cant find it on youtube :P

  2. I think everybody was shocked Ayaka pulled this out the bag! I honestly cannot choose between Ayaka and CK's version - because they both do such a great job and put their own unique stamps on their versions.

    There is a link in the post to an mp3 of Crystal's "Human nature" cover. Perhaps I should've highlighted the link to it a little better...

    Hmmmm, hold up...

    *J does a little tweaking*

    There! Better? ;P

  3. YES! thanks so much lol it helped a lot :)
    i wish crystal would have put it on her best of album as a bonus or something :P
    im gonna have to buy ayakas history too because i've liked a few of her songs but havnt really investigated her that nuch :P
    i hope shes better anyway i heard shes ill :(


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