New music: Estelle featuring Kardinal Offishall - Freak

New music: 2NE1 - Try to copy me
Ever since David Guetta blew up with Kelly Rowland and the contender for most annoying dance record ever: "When love takes over", everybody has been at his coat tails wanting to cut records with him. Estelle made an appearance on his smash album One love, and now he returns the favour by producing Estelle's lead single from her third studio album All of me.

Listen: Freak

All of me
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I've never been a huge fan of Estelle's. I like how she comes across in interviews, because she's so down to earth. But her music's never done much for me. I hated "American boy" with a passion. But this song is alright! Hearing that David Guetta was producing it, I wasn't expecting much. But this song is pretty cool. It has that funky house-ish vibe that will get it constant spins in clubs and on radio. And the inclusion of Soul II Soul's "Back to life" gives it an instant sense of familiarity. The song reminds me of of Missy Elliott. It just has that vibe.


  1. seriusly cant stand this BITCH! ever since she said Adele & Duffy wern't real soul singers coz theyre white... WTF?!? just jealous coz theyre rollin in the millions now and her shit didnt even bring in enough royalties for a much needed brace! pmsl

  2. Is that what she said!? Well, she is indeed a 'bitch'. Damn. And I thought I was tactless.

  3. yes estelle loves to come for everyone else in the game now. you're right on point about it sounding like missy -- you know a remix with her on the track would be hot!


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