New music: JoJo - Wait a minute (For your love)

New music: JoJo - Wait a minute (For your love)
I feel bad for JoJo. So many tracks from her All I want is everything sessions have leaked that there's pretty much no point in releasing it now. If she does manage to release it and it's an album full of new material which is better than the leaks - then she will be that chick. Because the leaks have all been great so far. And this is another piece of throwback hotness right here...

Listen: Wait a minute (For your love)

JoJo's third studio album
© 2009 Blackground records, a Universal music company

JoJo threw it back to some straight up Soul and R&B. This song had me as soon as the chorus came in. Love it. It gives me Stevie Wonder and Jill Scott vibes.

JoJo be putting adult chicks to shame with her music right now. Every leak of JoJo's has been on that grown swag that Beyoncé should be on right about now, and should have been on 2 albums go. Shit...even JoJo's The high road was more grown than B'day and I am... Sasha Fierce. I just thought I'd throw that out there in the hopes Beyoncé will read it and act right for album number 4.

I really do hope JoJo manages to drop another album, because it'd be a shame for some of these hot songs and her talent to go to waste. I'm not sure what market she'd corner now. Given heavy hitters like Alicia, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé (and dare I say it) The Forehead seeming to be the only ladies in the game right who can catch worldwide hits. But I'd like for her to at least get a new album out.


  1. I ADORE this song! It's got that jazzy tone to it.

  2. I adore it too :) JoJo put many a chick to shame with this song. I love it more and more with each listen. It's all about that chorus.

  3. this is such a great song, its not gonna be on the album though because she said it doesnt fit the direction...
    the album is definately comming out this year and even if its full of leaks (which it probably wont be) im gonna buy it ^_^
    Jojo is just an amazing tallent and deserves a lot more success than shes had so far...


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