New music: MiChi - Dance dance!

New music: MiChi - Dance dance!
My new J-obsession MiChi has a new single out! The song is brand new, will feature in a Kao product TV commercial and will be made available digitally via the ever popular Chaku-uta service.

Listen: Dance dance!

Dance dance! | Digital single
© 2010 Sony music entertainment Japan

"Dance dance" is MiChi doing how MiChi does. It's not a great step up or an evolution of her sound on her debut. The song sounds like "Promise" and "Change the world" mixed together and taken down a few BPM's. But it is still a nice pop song from an increidbly talented artist. And despite the song not wowing me at first, I love it more and more with each listen.

I'm feeling MiChi's new hair style too. A lil' wild, a little edgy. Daisuki desu!

If you've yet to check out MiChi's debut, be sure to. It's an amazing album. Definitely one of my fave releases of 2009.

Give it a read: Up to you album review


  1. dance dance is used in TVCM for Kao Essentials


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