New music: Toni Braxton - Make my heart / Hands tied

New music: Toni Braxton - Make my heart / Hands tied
Toni's album Pulse is looking like it may actually get a release within the next 100 years!! With a tentative album release date, and an official website, comes 2 brand new songs. One fast. One slow. Both of which get a thumbs up from me.

Listen: Make my heart

Listen: Hands tied

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"Make my heart" is fast, it's snazzy, it pops - it's all good! As hot as Toni sounds on the song, I could not escape the thoughts of how Janet would sound on it. It really does sound like something she perhaps should have been given dibs on.

All of slow tracks that have leaked from Pulse have been solid cuts, and "Hands tied" is one to add to the list. As "Make my heart" reminded me of another artist, "Hands tied" also reminds me of another. Chris Brown. The song sounds a little like "Superhuman" mixed with a little bit of "Take you down". I wouldn't be surprised if either Harvey Mason Jr., Damon Thomas or Antonio Dixon were on production duties for this song. It's very much their style.

I'm not hotly anticipating Toni Braxton's new album, but I like what I'm hearing so far. "Yesterday" has been the only song to have leaked from the album that I didn't like.


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