Bonus material: Beyoncé - Baby you're the only man / I'm glad there is you

Bonus material: Beyoncé - Baby you're the only man / I'm glad there is you
Quite a bit of Beyoncé material has been leaking over the past 6 months. None of it has been particularly amazing. But then again neither is half of the material on any of Beyoncé's albums.

Listen: Baby you're the only man

Listen: I'm glad there is you

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It's a shame that "Baby you're the only man" got left off of a Beyoncé album, because the song is really nice. I always like when Beyoncé downplays her vocals and plays the seductress. It colours her voice nicely and you get much more feeling coming through than when she belts, growls and shouts all over the place.

"I'm glad there is you" is as dusty as Miss Haversham's book shelf. The sweet R&B backdrop gives Beyoncé license to layer it with lots of harmonies and ad-libs, but she doesn't. And as a result the song sounds sparse. If Beyoncé was going to sing the song this stripped down, the same should have been done with the music. Have it be an acoustic guitar, or switch it into something a little grand with a ballad style piano and some strings. I'm leaning towards the latter, because I kept expecting B to soar into Aladdin's "A whole knew world"! In fact, the song sounds rather like some that may have been recorded for a Disney project.

It's nice to hear B a couple of straight R&B records. I'm guessing the songs are from her Dangerously in love sessions. She isn't shouting enough for them to be from B'day. And she's not over egging the emotion or swagger enough for them to be from I am... Sasha Fierce.


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