Bonus material: Brandy featuring Natasha Bedingfield - Fall

Bonus material: Brandy featuring Natasha Bedingfield - Fall
So there are now 3 versions of Brandy's "Fall". The leaked version, the finalized album version and a version with Natasha Bedingfield! Some may be wondering "How the hell did this come about?" But Natasha Bedingfield actually wrote the song.

Listen: Fall

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Natasha Bedingfield's voice gets on my nerves. She has a good voice. But the way she sings sometimes just makes me wanna put my foot in her mouth. On "Fall", she sounded as though she was having trouble keeping in time with the beat whilst trying to put spins and riffs on her notes. But she came with the vocal strength where it counted in the song, and she sounded surprisingly good with Brandy. She comes that sense of urgency and emotion which Brandy also brought to the song, and it's this that made the song work better than I thought.

I still prefer the song with just Brandy though. A big thank to fellow Brandy fan Buddha for sending this my way.

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