Bonus material: Brandy - Home / Who's the loser now / Believer / Today

Bonus material: Brandy - Home / Who's the loser now / Believer / Today
When it leaks Brandy, the damn waters break on a bitch! 4 unreleased songs of Brandy's have surfaced. I'm guessing some of them are possibly from Brandy and Timbaland's Shock value II sessions. But who knows. Check them all out in their entirety after the jump.

Listen: Home (featuring Timbaland)

Listen: Who's the loser now (featuring Timbaland)

Listen: Believer

Listen: Today

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You can hear why some these got left off of albums. They don't particularly pop. And they are not so "Oh my God! How could this have gotten left off of an album!" hot as "Bring it back", "Love me the most", "Back and forth" and "Casualties" (amongst others) were.

"Who's the loser now" does nothing for me. It reminds me of "Devil wouldn't recognize you" and is inches away from that whole "Deliverance", "What goes around, comes around", "Rehab" and "Halo" sound that Timbo fans are super familiar with now. And the same goes for "Believer". Even with Brandy on that sound, I'm not liking it.

"Today" sounds nice, and it would've fit nicely on Human as an album closer. Although the song is nothing special.

"Home" is my favourite out of the lot, because of the chorus and Brandy's vocal game. The way her shit just builds up over the course of the song struck me down. And Timbo came with that beat. This song would have fit real nicely on Afrodisiac. It's pretty much like sexed up version of "Noddin' off". Timbo's verse dirties up the song like somebody threw a piece of shit at it though. I'm in yo' fridge for ice girl like it is my house. N***a please. You ain't sexy on a song. Still fire though.


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