Bonus material: Elliott Yamin - Torn down

Bonus material: Elliott Yamin - Torn down
A song from Elliott Yamin's Fight for love sessions has surfaced. Some of you (and I mean some) may find it a little familiar...

Listen: Torn down

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Yup! The very same song that ended up on Brandy's 'couldn't have flopped any harder' Human album: "Torn down". The song was written by James Fauntleroy and produced by MIDI Mafia; both of whom worked on both Brandy's Human and Elliott Yamin's Fight for love albums. No idea who recorded it first, but I love both versions. It's pretty cool to have a great song cut by a female and a male. It would have been great to have had Brandy and Elliott cut the song together. They both have a really cool husk and tone to their vocals which I think would sound nice together.

I prefer Brandy's version overall just because the vocal production has that extra edge over Elliott's version. But Elliott's is still a winner.

"Torn down" was one of my favourites from Human. It should have been made a single. It's just so damn catchy and radio friendly. And I love the lyrics too.

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  1. I actually prefer Elliot during the chorus. I love it! Overall though, Brandy's version is better, mainly because the production is obviously tighter.

    Nice find!

  2. Since this song was never released on "Fight for Love," (not even as a bonus track), I'm assuming that this is not a final, polished, finished version of the song. But I generally prefer Elliott's vocals over anyone else out there!!

  3. HI Yall, I'm a close & great friend of our Funky White Boy Elliott Yamin & let me tell you OMG that bouns track "Torn Down" is incredible & brilliant, but I love everything & anything Elliott sings!!!! Elliott has the greatest voice ever!!!! Elliott just the greatest guy in the world!!!! Elliott is "DA MAN" always!!!!

  4. Awesome track. I've played it a ton this month.


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