Bonus material: G-Dragon featuring Flo'Rida - Heartbreaker (Remix)

Bonus material: G-Dragon featuring Flo'Rida - Heartbreaker (Remix)
G-Dragon found himself deep doo-doo after being widely accused of plagiarism, and copying Flo'rida's "Right round". And in a cool twist that was always going to get people talking: Flo'rida himself features on a remix of the song that was once in question!

Listen: Heartbreaker (Remix)

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There are some similarities between "Heartbreaker" and "Right round" , but there is no direct plagiarism at play here. There are so many damn songs on the radio that share the same played out drum pattern. Ever since "SexyBack" came onto the scene 3 years ago, everybody has been mimicking that drum pattern in varied tempo's. "Right round" was one in line of many, and "Heartbreaker" just joined it.

This marks the second Korean act that Flo'Rida has lent his talents to for a remix - the first being BoA.

I'm liking the Eastern and Western cross overs with the music that Korea is on right on. It's a great thing. After all, music is a universal language.


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