Bonus material: James Fauntleroy - Bed time

Bonus material: James Fauntleroy - Bed time
A demo that the ridiculously talented songwriter that is Mr. James Fauntleroy cut has surfaced titled "Bed time". We needn't speculate who this demo could be for. He spells her name out right at the start...

Listen: Bed time

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C to the I to the A to the R to the A

James Fauntleroy's vocals sound ro' as hell, but the hotness still comes through, it is only a demo, and the dude is mad talented with the song writing, so we'll give a n***a a pass.

It's songs like these that really suit Ciara. Something which shocked many when she first dropped "Promise", given up until that point we'd only had gimmicky uptempo's from her. Although those who had copped Ciara's debut would have known that Ciara can do her thing on a slow jam (go check out the song "Other chicks" and sit with that shit right there).

I hope for Ciara's sake that she manages to sustain a worldwide hit with at least one single from her forthcoming studio album. Because if she doesn't, her career is in deep doo-doo. As fine as she is, and as fly as her dancing is; none of it will matter unless she sells serious units. She'll end up either stripping in a club or performing on cruise boats if she doesn't play her music career cards right.

In case some of you are wondering just who James Fauntleroy is: Look in the album credits of your copies of I am... Sasha Fierce, Human, Fantasy ride, Rated R, Fight for love and David Archuleta's debut. You'll see this dude's name and I guarantee you'll like at least one of the songs he appears under.


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