Bonus material: Ke$ha - Run Devil run

Bonus material: Ke$ha - Run Devil run
Within seconds of Girls' generation's "Run Devil run" debuting, info concerning 'the history' of the song was quick to surface.

As with Girls' generation's mega hit song "Tell me your wish (Genie)" and "Chocolate love", the song was written by several songwriters in English, with SM entertainment acquiring the song and having an additional songwriter re-work it into Korean for our lovely girls to swing a skinny leg to. The cool thing with this song is that it was recorded by an artist we all know well. Perhaps a little too well...

Listen: Run Devil run

© 2010 SM entertainment

Yup. Ke$ha did her thing on the song first, back in 2009. Ke$ha had only recorded the song for demo purposes. So SM swooped in and nabbed the song for their Girls'. I'm wondering if Girls' generation's version still features Ke$ha's vocals on it. With all the layering and the non distinct style in which part of the hook is sung, it's difficult to tell. But it is a possibility.

It's kinda strange to hear Ke$ha sing a song without auto-tune (well...for the most part), heavy vocal processing and lyrics about wanting to see d**k and getting drunk. I'm not entirely sure whose version I prefer. But it's nice to have a newly released K-Pop song in English, so non Korean speaking fans of it can sing along. Not that the language barrier would stop the likes of me. Gobbledegook Korean and Japanese in the car with the J 'n K-Pop loud all the way!


  1. "Gobbledegook Korean and Japanese in the car with the J 'n J-Pop loud all the way!"

    Lol! Same here, I sing along all the time in my car even though I sound nothing like the record XD

    The song wouldn't play on the entry so I looked for it on youtube, it's not bad, even though I don't like Kesha. I like knowing the English translation of Japanese and such songs but I'm quite happy to dance or whatever to it even if I don't know what it's about.

  2. Hmmm... What browser did you use? The music seems to play fine on Firefox...

  3. I'm still disappointed with the image Kesha (and her label) has built for herself. Before she debuted, her little folk/electro swag was perfect, but then they realized that auto-tune and being LOLDRUNKZ! was more profitable.

    If you're ever in the mood, dig for some of her older stuff, like 'Chain Reaction' or 'Fuck Him (He's a DJ)'. Both are way smoother and better than most of the album.

  4. @Random J
    I use the infamous Windows Explorer, but most of the 'listen' bits you include tend to work. I've tried it again now and it worked first time. Maybe it was just throwing a hissy fit for me yesterday!

  5. Boooooooooooo!

    *gives Internet explorer the thumbs down*

  6. There are already a ton of mashups with her and SNSD floating around YouTube

  7. ke$ha's version is better, in my opinion


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