New music: Christina Aguilera - Not myself tonight

New music: Christina Aguilera - Not myself tonight
Christina went all classy for Back to basics. But slutty Christina has dusted off those arseless chaps and nappy looking black hair pieces, and is back with her new single "Not myself tonight".

Listen: Not myself tonight

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I'm not entirely sure what to think about this song. I don't hate it. But I don't like it a great deal neither. The song just doesn't go anywhere. There is a build up to a chorus that you think is gonna switch up and really take off, but instead it just builds to nothing. It is good to hear her voice on something new. But the production sounds like a complete rip off of Danja. That n***a Polow should feel ashamed. If he ain't taking loops straight outta Garageband, he's biting Danja. And I hope Christina is ready for people to call her out for copying Gaga, because they will. Oh trust me, they will...

Christina has herself a song that will get some plays in clubs though, which is cool. Because there was not a damn song on Back to basics that'd go in a club. There was "Candyman", but that shit was more old people's care home exercise hour than a grimy as hell club joint.


  1. Her voice sounds oddly deep in parts. o_O

    She sounds good during the verses, but the chorus sucks. Mainly because it's almost non-existent. I also hate how the song ends.

    A lot of 'meh' for me.

  2. The chorus has absolutely nothing catchy in it. Sounds like a Britney leftover...
    I dont even know if i like it or not .
    'Meh' is The word unfortunatly...

  3. The verses are quite catchy but the chorus are bland!! Overall the song is pretty good, but sounds like a Britney leftover from Blackout as Ralph mentionned, but in a bad way!

  4. Was not into the electro feel, BUT later after a few listens I didn't mind it. Her voice is just so good it kinda blocks it out.

  5. Everyone here has echoed my sentiments, with the first listen I can't get into the song. Let's see if I can eventually.

    Shame is, when Britney's single drops soon - she's gonna need a single to recover from being hit hard.

  6. Polow Da Don's blatant unashamed biting of Danja's production style and the lack of a catchy chorus overrode any feeling of "Oh, she's on this electro band wagon too *sigh*". I like Aguilera's voice on the song. It's the only thing I can't fault. But everything else just has me umm'ing and ahh'ing. Polow Da Don and Ester Dean did NOT lace Aguilera tight enough with this song. If the chorus was actually existent and the beat took off for it - things would have been different.

    I just hope the album isn't 15 odd tracks of this, and that the other producers came better.

  7. I didnt much like it after the first listen but i cant stop playing it now lol
    its like shes flipped it and made the verses the catchy part whare the chorus yousually is :P
    I got a feeling the album is gonna be really good because one of the album tracks "lift me up" that she performed at the help for haiti thing was AMAZING! ^_^

  8. I agree; I think the chorus is lackluster. It's too short and not catchy enough. But, rehashed or not, I can't deny that beat. That shit calls to me; makes me feel like a slut. Her voice is great, as usual, and I shudder to think what this song would have sounded like in someone else's hands. I think she just wanted something for the clubs and radio as the first single, which wasn't really what Back to Basics was all about.
    And I honestly don't think of Lady GaGa at all when I hear this, exactly because of the fact that the chorus is so forgettable. All GaGa songs are about the chorus, that's why they all have at least two hooks that she repeats six times.


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