New music: Girls' generation - Run Devil run

New music: Girls' generation - Run devil run
With the girls' dark concept featuring at the end of their "Oh!" music video, it pretty much had fans speculating like mad what the deal was. And the deal? A concept to be revealed in a music video...for a new song! Those who liked "Chocolate love" will love this...

Listen: Run Devil run

Run Devil run (Oh! Repackaged album)
© 2010 SM entertainment

Liking this! You can always rely on Slave Monger entertainment to program their SNSD-bots with one catchy heck of a single. You hear the song once, and it's like you always knew it. "Run Devil run" is a complete contrast to anything the girls did for the Oh! album (which was some teeny girl B.S) but I guess that's the whole idea. Hot song. Very Britney.


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