New music: Janet Jackson - Nothing

New music: Janet Jackson - Nothing
Janet Jackson's brand new song for her movie Why did I get married too has surfaced. And d'ya know what? It ain't 'alf bad! I was scared when I heard Jermine Dupri had produced the song, because that n***a rarely does good by Janet musically. But he delivered something nice here...

Listen: Nothing (Radio rip)

Why did I get married too? OST
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I was afraid Jermaine Dupri and Bryan Michael Cox were going to give Janet some whack BS which doesn't suit her. But instead they gave her something nice and familiar to Janet fans. "Nothing" sounds a great deal like "Again" and "Everytime", from the melodies down to the lyrics. I hated the ♪ Password to my phone ♪ line that got slung into the song. And Janet doesn't have the sweetness and clarity to her voice she had back in 1993. But "Nothing" is a nice song. It's strange; because whilst the beat is very Janet Jackson in its overall feel, the way she was cramming words into certain sections of the song were very Mariah. No doubt the hand of Jermaine Dupri.

I'd love to know what the atmosphere was like in the studio when this was recorded. Given the song is about a relationship falling apart, and that the song marked one of the first times that Janet and Jermaine had worked together since splitting up. I always thought they broke up because Janet got sick of the little Goblin n***a messing up her music, but I guess not.


  1. WOW! i never usually like any of Janets new stuff but this is so beutiful! it reminds me of MJ's "you are not alone" ^_^
    Hope this is an indication of her new musical direction and i hope it gets airplay and stuff too.


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