New music: Jennifer Lopez - Story of my life

New music: Jennifer Lopez - Story of my life
With J.Lo's album Love? sitting on some shelf in some Sony building somewhere, more new songs from the project continue to surface. The latest is the Stargate produced "Story of my life". In the hands of Jordin Sparks or P!nk, this could have been nice. But in the hands of Jennifer Lopez...

Listen: Story of my life

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I know that Jennifer Lopez wants to try and prove something to us. But shit is not going to work. No matter how much she strips down her sound and tries to give us something different and credible from what she's known for, nothing is going to dupe anybody into believing she can sing.

J.Lo needs to stop with this mess and just drop those over produced radio loving jams, with beats so hot and a hook so catchy that nobody is even thinking about the vocals.


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