New music: Kelly Rowland - Smooches

New music: Kelly Rowland - Smooches
Kelly Rowland has been at work in the studio working on her follow up to the criminally overlooked Ms. Kelly. She revealed she had been in the studio with Bangladesh, and this joint is produced by, well... Bangladesh. So I'm assuming it's from one of her recent studio sessions. Thing is though, this was supposed to be Teyana Taylor's new single. Uh-oh...

Listen: Smooches

Kelly's 3rd studio album sessions
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This song at least indicates that perhaps Kelly's new album won't be 12 tracks of bullshit like "When love takes over", and that she's not forgotten her urban roots (whatever Urban is considered to be these days). But it's a no brainer that "Smooches" sounds like Beyonce's "Diva" and like it should belong on a mixtape with "Black 'n beatz vibes baby!!" tagged all over it. I went through a couple of phases with this song:

First listen: I thought it was rubbish and stopped it mid way through.
Second listen: I laughed at the beat, but let it play all the way through.
Third listen: I still thought it was rubbish, but I was tapping my foot to it.
Fourth listen: I got my 2 younger cousins shining torches and flash lights on me in an abandoned warehouse whilst I bust a move to the song in shades, a leather jacket and two n***a's behind me.

I don't like the song. But I don't hate it neither. Something I can make sense of though is that Kelly's voice is way too nice, pretty and melodic for songs like this. The way her vocals were layered on "Smooches" was really cool. But for all the vocal arrangements and intricacies in the world, the song will still sound like Beyoncé's "Diva" at the end of the day, and that's nothing to be proud of.

We can thank Sean 'Hear a smash on the radio bet I didn't pen it' Garrett for this song.


  1. I liked the Sean Garrett version featuring Gucci Mane better... you can shun me now! lol

    I didn't even get through Kelly's rendition. She has no charisma on the track. Sounds dead when it starts.


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