New music: Tokyo Ska paradise orchestra featuring Crystal Kay - Zutto

New music:  Tokyo Ska paradise orchestra featuring Crystal Kay - Zutto
The Tokyo ska paradise orchestra have only gone and recorded a song with Crystal Kay! It features on their album World ska symphony. And whilst the ska feel throws you off a little at first, the song is a good 'un and soon catches you. J-Ska, eh... Who knew!

Listen: Zutto

World ska symphony
© 2010 Cutting edge / Avex group

I wouldn't roll to this in my car, or bump it loud at home. But this is a really cool song. Despite the Ska sound, it is still very Crystal Kay and in the vein of what she's always done up until now. Crystal Kay just has that type of voice that can make shit work. It's one of many things I love about her.

This would make a great J-drama theme song. I can see it now... Some shit about some 30 odd year old woman who chooses to pick work over relationships, and struggle with the mine field that is balancing work and love when she finally meets her Mr. Right. You can see it too, right?


  1. This sounds like a happy song ^_^. I could see a cute video with her and the band. They're wearing pink, she's wearing pink lol.

  2. I think you're onto something Beruda! ;P

    The Crystal Kay songs that should get videos never do though, do they...



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