New music: Usher - Monstar & She don't know (featuring Ludacris)

New music: Usher featuring Ludacris - She don't know
Hotly in demand since "A Milli" took the world over producer: Bangladesh, has cut a song for Usher, which features Luda features on his 'so badly leaked and so whack, n***a may as well not bother to release it' album Raymond vs. Raymond. What was once the albums' (kinda) title track has also made an appearance, and it's this song out of the lot so far which is throwing back to Confessions the best...

Listen: Monstar

Listen: She don't know

Raymond vs. Raymond
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"She don't know" sounds like mess. And I know I shouldn't like this song, but I do. Because I know if I'm in a club and it comes on, I'm going to go mad and act a fool. "She don't know" is not touching the Ursh and Luda magic that was "Yeah!" and "Lovers and friends". But it's something the clubs can work with. Luda's guest raps never fail, and his verse (as is often the case) stole the show from under Usher's nose. When he started rapping, it kinda started blending into J's imaginary lyrics.

Now get me bodied like B. Knowles. I beat it up like Chris did to Rih-Rih's nose

I know I'm wrong.

"Monstar" is a winner. I love how the song start and ends. A great opener to the album. It was very Janet Jackson-esque. No surprise really, given her long time partners in crime Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis are behind the song. It's good to know they've still got it, because them n***a's have been going through some rough musical patches. "Monstar" is the one. Fly beat and on point vocals. I'm still not sold on this album, but I believed in the whole thing for a hot minute because of "Monstar".


  1. I knew I wasn't the only one who loved "Monstar". And you're right, it's got that Janet Jackson style to it, instrumentals and vocals. Including Lil' Freak and Mars vs. Venus, it's one of my favorite songs on the album.


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