Bonus material: Brandy - Louboutins

Bonus material: Brandy - Louboutins
We all knew it'd only be a matter of time until Brandy's version of "Louboutins" dropped. The only shock is that it took this long.

Listen: Louboutins

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"Louboutins" is a crap song. It doesn't matter who you put on it, it's the same whackness. But Brandy does sound better on it than Jennifer Lopez. J.Lo can't sing for shit. So when you put her vocals over such a minimally produced song, and a rubbish one at that; it just flat on its arse, kinda like Jennifer did when she first performed it 'live'. Brandy on the other hand can sing. And whilst the song is still rubbish with Brandy's vocals on it, Brandy's version is less annoying. Thank God Brandy did not release this as a single for herself. Her solo music career is already in the crapper as it is. The last thing she needed was this song making it worse.

What is it with Jennifer Lopez and other chicks' left over songs?

Check it out: Jennifer's version of "Louboutins"


  1. The song is still terrible, and I hated it from the get go, lol. But Brandy does sound miles better than J-Lo.

    But still, awful song.


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