Crystal Kay album Flash to drop in June

Crystal Kay will have a new album out in June! "Flash" (obviously!) and "Victoria" are confirmed to appear on the album, but the full track list is yet to be released. Word is that it will be a mini album as opposed to a long player. But we'll know for sure once the track list drops. I've got my fingers crossed that as some 11th hour decision and the realization that Crystal recorded too much material., it'll become a full length album. I will spit in somebodies face if the mini album is just "Flash", "Victoria", "After love -First boyfriend-" and "Deaeta kiseki" and some bullshit DVD with a music video.

What has excited fans just as much if not more than news of a new album is that we will finally get a DVD release of Crystal's concert! Crystal Kay Live in NHK hall: 10th anniversary tour CK10 will release officially on DVD the very same day. I'll be copping this shit for SHO'! Sony were a mess for not releasing a DVD for Crystal's Color change! tour. Especially when BoA, Ayumi Hamasaki, Kumi Koda and Namie Amuro release DVD of their tours whilst they're on them. A perk of being signed to SlAvex.

Crystal Kay will also be shooting a music video for "Flash" in May. Auditions are being held for dancers to appear in the music video, and this is open to everybody. Epic records will not be paying for your fare, so those outside of Japan who apply had better have funds to fly out to Japan and funds to get home. Scouts will be sifting through the hopefuls up until April 23. So if you're under 35 and have what it takes, send a video of yourself steppin' it out to a Crystal joint to one of the addresses below.

Snail mail: "FLASH" dancers wanted section, 107-8301 9-6-35 Epic records, Akasaka, Minato, Japan

Crystal best step her dancing game up too. Because I will not allow a music video that has her sat down, stood still, or doing the dusty ass shuffles she did in the "Namida no saki ni" video. I wanna see Crystal t'werkin' it out like it's the key to an answer she's been looking for her whole life. I wouldn't mind her alluding to the song title and flashing a titty neither.

For those who haven't heard a single second of the song "Flash" yet, you can catch 30 of 'em in the Canon commercial it features in!


  1. oh my god!!! when i saw this post i jizzed in my pants! (joke) im so glad her album is almost done! i hope it's gonna be a full album, crystal needs to come back strong after "all yours" and "colour change" didnt do as well as her previous albums commercially and i think a mini album wont do that.
    having said that i think the new music i've heard from kuri has the pottential to make her bigger than ever ^_^ have to wait and see i guess but im hoping x

  2. Yea!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy, especially for finally getting a concert dvd, can't wait.

  3. Am I allowed to curse here? That's how excited I am... and, now that my butt went and got a job, I can finally afford to import a Kuri album on its release date! Besta believe I'm doing that this year, just for sh*ts and giggles. The DVD might be another thing, though.

    "Hold On" had better be on that track list.

    Holy crap, that's two months from now!!! And, I've never seen that picture of Crystal before, J.

  4. She makes me want to grab that pony tail...and do things.

    Oh btw sweet news about the new album! :D

  5. Frederick, I hear ya... I'm hoping for "Hold on" as well. I think every CK fan is! I still play that ragged ass rip from time to time, just so I can hear Crystal kill bitches with them vocals.

    As for the picture, it's a shoot she did for the TV show Dress a good while back, but it only surfaced recently. Her song "Over and over" was an insert song for the show, and she starred on it last year. I was lucky enough to have a CK fan e-mail the picture to me! :)

    I really am hoping Crystal's label make this mini album a long player - because the way I'm starting to jones for new CK music, 5 to 6 tracks (half of which we've probably already heard) really is not gonna cut it for me.

  6. Crossing my fingers. Whatever I can get is good, but what I really want is to see her in concert and get an autographed poster and dinner date. Asking too much?

    *hatches elaborate scheme to steal a rich person's dog and hold it for ransom*

  7. FLASh drops on June 16th! Can't wait.


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