Lady Gaga to sing new Bond theme?

Gaga being scoped to sing the new Bond theme?!
Lady Gaga is being tipped to possibly be in the running for taking on the new Bond flick theme song. As crazy as it sounds, it's not hard to imagine why this could be the case. She's over the top, theatrical, super popular, and she sing - which helps!

The last Bond theme with Alicia Keys and Jack White was an absolute mess. Casino Royale's Bond theme was as memorable as a carton of apple juice. Madonna's theme was critically panned and slated by everybody. But it was an alright song, which was (at the very least) memorable and went nicely with the opening sequence to the film. So there's not a great deal of pressure on Gaga. Even if she sang the name of the new Bond theme over a RedOne remix of "LoveGame" it'd sound better than the past few Bond themes.

Funnily enough, Amy Winehouse's name is still in the mix. She was a number 1 fave to do the last Bond theme, and based on her Back to black album she was the perfect choice musically. But she was too busy walking around North London in cheap New Look ballet pumps, drunk off her face and looking for a crack dealer to care enough to record a song.

Bond GaGurl @ The Sun


  1. haha i think Lady G would do a good job, probably like one of her jazzy pianno numbers but i still think if Amy can pull it together she would make an amazing tune!
    plus im still wondering why Bjork has never made one! she did a cover (amazing) of you only live twice.


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