Music video: Girls' generation - Run Devil run (Story version)

To brand this music video the Story version is just a tad misleading; considering there was a much a story to this music video as their is meat on Sooyoung's leg.

"Run Devil run" caught me off guard, because I liked the song more than I thought I would, and the girls looked great in their whole dark get up. But I'm a little tired of it now. After all, the SNSD-bots should have been working this style a couple of years ago. And in all fairness, it's not that big a deal. Every other girl group in the K-game has been rocking similar looks for a good while now. Even the SNSD-bots' younger sibling group f(x) managed to rock the whole dark look before they did, and with no big deal or gimmick surrounding it. We all know that by the time the Girls' come back with another new song, they'll be back in pastel coloured outfits that have them looking like 14 year olds in cute cosplay.

The girls do look amazing in their black get-up regardless of it being a gimmick or some temporary fad. I won't take that away from them at the very least. It'd just be good if SM entertainment just let the girls style evolve and change instead of boxing their most drastic and best image change as just a concept.


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