Music video: Lee Hyori featuring Gaeri - Swing

I like the smoky 60's vibe the song has; and the difficult to make sense of, but still cool and hauntingly beautiful video. I wasn't expecting Lee Hyori to drop or video or a song like this, so "Swing" is a pleasant surprise! No doubt she'll work the come back stages with a more up-tempo song, which has filtered vocals and auto-tune. And that she'll be rocking some fly outfit and heels, whilst poppin' the front and back and flicking the tresses.


  1. wow i never really checked hyori out but i heard she was meant to be the biggest k-hoe goin and after checkin out a few songe i thought she was pretty good but this song is so different to that stuff and so good!
    All the other chicks in the k-game are all autotune n shiny floors atm (like you say) so i hope this goes down well and brings in a new trend.
    p.s the video is so understated but so addictive!


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