Music video: Nicki Minaj featuring Sean Garrett - Massive attack

How the hell did that ho Amber Rose get a spot in this video!? Nicki is bisexual, and so is Amber. So perhaps Nicki figured if she licky-licky'd Amber's poontang, she might gets some Ye beats for cheap. Yeah, that must be it.

Nicki has booty for days, but for a Trinidadian she sure as hell does not know how to pop it. She should have been shaking that shit and poppin' like Lil' Wayne's prison booty depended on it. But she just poked it out and looked confused. And not the Nicki Minaj I'm deliberately looking confused look. The Oh shit, the camera is on me, I need to sell some sex with this booty, and I can't do a damn thing with it confused. She looked good in this video though. I was even feeling the green weave.

As for the song, I was expecting something a bit more fun and poppy for Minaj's first single, so "Massive attack" caught me by surprise. The rhythm of the song is difficult to catch at times once Minaj starts rapping, but I do like it. I can't stand Sean Garrett though. I'm all for people channeling their swag and doing their thing, but he needs to stop frontin' like anybody wants to see his face, let alone his body. He looks like Donkey Kong without the red tie.

Somebody needs to tell me why Nicki's Japanese troupe of lovely ladies were not all p***y poppin' in a line and kicking up sand whilst a heli-cam circled from above to catch that shit aerial.


  1. haha at first i was like wtf is this?!?
    but i have been playing it non stop lol
    having said that it still feels like a lil kim tribute act n that ass is fake i dont care lmao!

  2. I found it difficult to catch the rhythm of "Massive attack" at first (like some kinda fool!) but once I caught it, I started to like it. It's not amazing first single material, and it's not all that radio friendly, but Minaj might get lucky with this because it's coming up to Summer, and this has some serious summer banger potential.

    And as for Nicki Minaj's's just POW! I don't know where or how she was hidin' that! *lol* It's a shame she can't do much with it though. Her poppin' and whinin' was pretty abysmal. She's from Trinidad too. She should have been making her booty clap, doing figure 8's and driving the Lamborghini and helicopter with it.


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