New music: Ciara featuring The Dream - Speechless

New music: Ciara featuring The Dream - Speechless
Mere days of news dropping about Ciara's forth studio album and confirmation of its first single and BAM! A track from the album leaks. The leaked track is called "Speechless", and it was reported that the song will be appearing on Ciara's upcoming album. The track is produced by Tricky Stewart with The Dream tagging along as a songwriter (of course!) and also featuring vocalist (I use the term vocalist as loose as possible).

Listen: Speechless

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I don't like this song. We had Ciara and The Dream on Fantasy ride, and it was done better back then. I loved "Lover's thing", and "Speechless" pales in comparison in my opinion. I would not be heart broken if this shit got left off of the album. This is bonus track material. If "Echo" could get relegated to a bonus track, then this sure as hell can!

It's not a good look that the sing leaked at all. For a confirmed album cut to leak before the lead single is NOT a good look what-so-ever. Ciara cannot afford to have her album leak all over the place over a long period of time how Fantasy ride did. She's got too much at stake. Because if this new album of her's takes a nose dive, her career is going with it.

And C-Error isn't really the name of her forthcoming album. I just made that shit up.


  1. I dont kno what you were listening to but this is awesome! Its definitely something I can relate and rock to.

    But yes I couldve done without the dream. She should remix it and replace him with Se7ven, Trey Songz, or somebody other than him. Just IMO.

  2. I agree with anonymous! lol
    I only have "the evolution" so im not a hard-core Ciara fan but i really enjoyed this song, I dont think it'd do well as a single but as an album track I would happily jam to it at home lol


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