New music: Ciara featuring Ludacris - Ride

New music: Ciara featuring Ludacris - Ride
We heard "Up in the bank" and "Speechless" - neither of which did a thing for me except right click and delete them bitches. But her official lead single "Ride" is doing it for me. So far...

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Basic instinct
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The beat goes HARD! But I'm caught in two minds about whether this is lead single material though, because...
  • It may be a bit slower than what radio and the charts want from Ciara as a hit single, despite it being of a vibe and tempo which really suits her.
  • As catchy as the chorus is, the verses aren't memorable what-so-ever.
  • The song sounds like Ciara and The Dream just crammed in as many words and phrases to do with flexibility and grinding around the chorus as they could.
  • "Ride" is not miles away from Fantasy ride's "Ciara to the stage" and "Like a surgeon".
But on the plus side...
  • The song will bump nicely on radio.
  • It will go in the clubs.
  • It's a hot Summer jam.
  • Ludacris.
We'll have to wait and see how this single fares. And if Jive will release the album on the back of it, or do what they did with "Go girl" and "Never ever" and make out like "Ride" wasn't a single at all.


  1. I love it!! Summer smash!!!

  2. The first time I heard this I thought "Like a surgeon" but that isnt a bad thing, It's similar but more up tempo and with ludacris thrown in its a smash.
    Day one I wasn't sure, day two I wanna take my clothes off and do shit >.< lmao


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