New music: Daisuke Imai featuring Tynisha Keli - Baby

New music: Daisuke Imai featuring Tynisha Keli - Baby
It's looking like Japanese producer Daisuke Imai is now trying to do 'the singing thing', as he's whipped up a song and thrown both himself and struggling starlet Tynisha Keli on the song. I had no idea Daisuke Imai even sang! But here he is...making a go of it. His voice isn't the best, but it goes with Tynisha's pretty nicely. And what he may have lacked in terms of vocal prowess, he made up for in production. He still should have given this song to a J-n***a like Jay'ed though.

Listen: Baby

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Sure, this sounds like a Tricky Stewart & The Dream joint; but I really like it. Anybody who wants to tell me Japan can't knock out a legitimate R&B joint needs to go sit down on some hot coals. Biting or not - "Baby" is a jam. Daisuke Imai's production is always all over the place, because he always bases his style on that of US producers'. The whole of Beni's Bitter & sweet album was just like a track-to-track rolodex of who he can imitate. But credit to the man: when Daisuke bites good, his shit is hot.

I'm not sure what's going on with Tynisha Keli, but she seems to be making more steps in Japan than in America in regards to her career. Between this song and also Tynisha featuring on a cover of "The boy is mine" with J-starlet Beni (which Daisuke Imai also re-produced) it's a possibility her next album may (once again) be a Japan only release. Watch this space.


  1. I love anything that Tynisha does, so even without having listened to this track (yet), I'll give it five stars. Thanks for the heads-up, J.

  2. I'll be waiting to hear what you think of the track. Me? I really like it! Dude jacked Tricky and Los Da Maestro straight up and down. But I'll be damned if he didn't come correct with the production.


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