New music: Kelly Rowland - Commander

New music: Kelly Rowland - Commander
Off of the back of scoring a number 1 alongside David Guetta for "When loves takes over" Kelly's out to do it again with her solo flying single "Commander".

Listen: Commander

Kelly Rowland's third studio album
© 2010 Universal Motown, a Universal music group

This is better than I thought it would be. It's better than "When love takes over", so it's already doing something right. I'm not hot on this song right now. But I feel it'll be a grower, and that when I hear it on a night out I will sway to it.

Kelly seems to be going full steam ahead with this new uptempo club vibe. And whilst I'm not feeling it wholeheartedly just yet, I'm not mad at her decision to go with it. Oddly enough, it suits her and gives her more of a prescence on songs than anything she's done before. And if it's what will keep her riding high in the charts and prevent her from scrubbing the grease traps at Popeye's - then Go Kelly! I've always had a thing for Kelly. I love her voice. She seems so sweet. And she shows a greater willingness to take risks with her music than Beyoncé does.

Hearing "Commander" had images from Ayumi Hamasaki's "Sparkle" video flash into my mind for some reason. So on that note, I'll say that I hope Kelly does something a little dark and flashy for the music video. Not necessarily PVC catsuits and platforms. But something really striking which isn't your typical 'people dancing in a club with lasers' video.

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  1. My love for this woman grows stronger with each new song. It's like she's finally finding her niche and stepping outta Beyonce's shadow ^_^
    This track is bangin and i like it more than "when love takes over" too, i cant wait to drunkenly stumble to this in a club :D lol

  2. I'm kinda loving this song now. There's no reason for this not to be a hit in the UK. If she pushes this song to the limit and comes correct with the music video, she could have a worldwide smash with this.


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